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Helping small businesses start, grow, and thrive.

At the Connecticut Small Business Development Center, our team is passionate about helping small business owners reach their business goals. Our professional, expert advisors offer guidance and support so you can focus on growing your business. Whether a new idea, a new product or a new location – we help you turn your dream into a reality by helping you access funding, create new strategies and find critical information.

We mainly help you to grow your business: 

  • Website Design
  • Logo Design
  • Business Card Design
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)



Website Design

Having a website and online presence strategy allows you to market your business online. A website is also important because it helps to establish credibility as a business. … A website not only gives credibility but it also helps to give a positive impression that your company is bigger and more successful. If you need help to design your business-oriented, creative & responsive website you can feel free to contact us. Here’s a couple of website demos that we developed.

Logo Design

A well-designed logo builds trust by validating your professionalism and get’s people to stick around. It tells potential clients who you are, what you do, and how that benefits them. It communicates to people with no prior knowledge or experience with your business that you do great work. If you need help to design your business brand or logo you can feel free to contact us. Here’s a couple of Logo Design Demo that we designed.

Business Card Design

The business card represents your company’s brand. Not only does it convey important personal contact information such as name, title, email, website, address and phone number, but oftentimes it is also the first exposure to the overall image of the business. If you need help to design an awesome business card you can feel free to contact us. Here’s a couple of Business Card Demo that we designed.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Business SEO will help your website content act as a sales funnel, moving these people toward a sale with you, no matter where they began their process. With high-quality, SEO-friendly, and user-driven content, you will prove to be an authority in your industry and keep potential customers coming back for more. If you need help to optimize your website you can feel free to contact us. Here’s our marketing agency’s website.

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We bolster decades of industry experience and investment acumen with a strong desire to partner with great Management Teams to reach successful outcomes. Fulfill your Financial Aspirations with Our Wealth Advising team can help you.

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Forming a legal entity is an important step for a new or growing business.


Forming a legal entity is an important step for a new or growing business.

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Once you become our customer, our consumer dispute team will process your order and complete your package swiftly while making sure that you are 100% satisfied. Somehow, if at any time you are not fully satisfied with our services, we will go beyond the limits to address your needs so that you get the best results out of our consumer dispute services.

It may be difficult for an individual to communicate with creditors and bureaus without an adept understanding of their techniques and regulations in place for credit reporting.

We will guide you through the process from start to finish and prepare all your documents for you. We have a superb knowledge of credit scoring and experience working with creditors and credit bureaus.

With our assistance and document processing, our clients have had great success with bankruptcies, foreclosures, collections, charge-offs, repossessions, medical bills, credit card debt, inquiries, late payments, old addresses, judgments, tax liens and student loans.